Illustrations & Drawings

Digital paintings

Collection of illustration made with digital devices.

Différentes illustrations réalisées avec des outils numériques.

Framed Illustrations

Series of drawings and papercut montages where the background often enters in a dialog with the main figure.

Différentes illustrations et découpages dans la plupart desquelles s’instaure un dialogue entre fond et forme (l’image de fond vient donner ou renforcer le signifiant de l’image principale).

For exemple :

The background for this minotaur showing his watch is from Wolfram Ette, a litterature theory text about relation to time in tragedy, text Shape reminds the labyrinth.

Shen Qi Mi Pu (1425 CE), this document is arguably the world’s oldest surviving written solo instrumental music method learning book.
Spanish Version text extract from B.Traven‘s book, « Sierra Madre treasure », it’s about betray and shooting in the wild west, where a character’s corpse is recognised by it’s boots …
US press article from the 20’s reporting the biggest Police Raid on a Speak easy, the club was full (about 2000 people) but the place was strangely totally quiet when the police came (people got informed about it and kept silent).


A handful of Raw sketches (pencil) …

Street Art

Nine illustrations made for a Street Art project (collective occupied place in Berlin), the whole facade has been made with three other artists. The paintings are between 1,5m and 2,5m high.

Projet de Street Art pour la façade d’un lieu autogéré. La fresque dans son integralité a été menée à bien par quatre artistes, mes illustrations font entre 1,5m et 2,5m de haut.


Paintings and drawings done mainly on MDF hardboard or craft paper with acrylic paint and/or pencil.

Déssins/peintures/illustrations la plupart à la mine de plomb et/ou acrylique sur support papier craft ou isorel.


Photo-collages, ones of which are X-ray photographies meant to be printed and mounted on light box.

Photomontages dont une série d’autoportraits et une série de travaux d’après des clichés radiologiques.


Several illustrations for different purposes, etching, screen printed patches, t-shirts …

Quelques autres projets, dont des illustrations destinés à être sérigraphiés, brodés, gravés etc …